Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Suburbanite

While many people call this paper "a rag" and many more leave it at the foot of their driveway to disintegrate into the sewer system, I for one read it weekly. Yet week after week it disturbs me more and more. While I have never met the former staff writer/ editor Beverly O'Shea, the "Stuff" that Prosnitz puts out is pure garbage. His inaccuracies are rampant to a point that I for one think it cannot be unintentional. Then we get to the letter to the editor portion. Am i crazy or does it appear that Naomi Cramer and Ron Schwartz seem to get their letters posted on a alternating weekly basis. Do so few people write in or is this part of something a whole lot biger then me?


What Lola Wants said...

Welcome to the Teaneck Blogosphere!

I moved to Teaneck 3 years ago and because I don't get the Bergen Record (I get the NY Times) I too read the Suburbanite faithfully, cover to the auto ads. If it misses me for a week or gets lost in a snow drift I'm very upset. Nonetheless, I think that because I"m so new in town I don't know whats true and whats not. However, I really do hate that there are such lousy editorial skills in the paper. The weekly ranting in the "letters" column is boring and offensive.

The printed word in newspapers are truly on their way out, and if the Suburbanite wants to keep their audience as it gets younger and younger, they should also get some "op ed" writers who are under 85 years old. The "I remember" when stuff gets bored by the 3rd time you read it. Ok, the writers may be younger, but its tough to tell from the writing and the topics. Get some younger journalists in!

swurgle said...

Cead Mille Failte! (One Hundred Thousand Welcomes!)

Let's hope you can keep the trolls at bay...

As for the Suburbanite - I enjoy it. All media is biased in some way or other.

As William James said "The greatest enemy of any one of our truths may be the rest of our truths."

Anonymous said...

No one reads it and no one but the two trogladites writes to them.

Anonymous said...

I've written a number of letters to the Suburbanite that have not been printed. I did make a rather disturbing observation at one point. I had been reading the editor's picks each week, hoping to see my letter regarding the inaccurate reporting of Joseph Pompeo, when I experienced dejavu. I found myself again reading a letter that had already been published the week before! I compared the two word for word and found the only difference to be the headline description, something like "Teaneck resident is upset about" changed to "Local woman angry about". I wrote them again saying that it was absurd to publish letters more than once, especially when there were many others, like me, who had something new to say(of course they didn't publish that letter either!)

Although I do read it regularly it really is a pretty lousy paper, and their editorial policies leave a lot to be desired.