Thursday, March 20, 2008

And the contestants are...

Eleven people submitted petitions.

The following three did not qualify:

Alan Sohn
Allen Gailes Jr
Vadiraja (Raj) Murthy
They did not have enough qualifying signatures

The balance of the names are:
Elnatan Rudolph
Mohammed Hameeduddin
Robert Robinson
Howard Rose
Monica Honis
Audra Jackson
Ned Goldman
Barbara Ley Toffler

Let the games begin!


Anonymous said...

You'd think a numbers man would double check his petitions before handing in...

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that Barbara Toffler got that many signatures after the spectacle she made of herself.

Not the image of Teaneck that I'm going to be voting for.

Anonymous said...

Will she get a tagline, "Unethical Ethicist" for her position on the ballot?

Anonymous said...

If Obama's pastor can say God Damn America, I can say God Damn Toffler & the Dirty Dozen!!!

Angelic Observer said...

Leave God out of this. The Dirty Dozen certainly do when they politic using St. Mark's church.

Anonymous said...

As bad as the group at St. Marks are, this Robinson guy is worse. Does anyone know anything about him? The rumors are awful. He was thrown off his post with the NAACP!
When you ask some one about him they just make a face and roll their eyes.

Glass Half Full said...

Folks, why don't we leave off the name calling and assumptions about the candidates until we listen to them at candidates' forums (for instance, League of Women Voters set theirs up already for Monday, April 28th, THS Student Center) and read what they have to say. It will be messy enough as it is -- and while I am saddened that a couple of the candidates didn't get extra signatures just in case, the field is what it is. So be it.

Anonymous said...

Glass half fool is very naive. Most of these candidates have been around and have shown what they stood for at Council meetings, as well as Planning Bd, Bd. of Adjustment meetings, etc.
There they were heard, their nastiness, in many instances,sometimes threatening words.
At the forums you will see a rehearsed carefully worded, much of the time an act.
You can't erase sometimes years of actions that are NOT in the best interests of Teaneck.
The blogs, in my opinion should not contain the language used by some, but info that can lead to a good reason to vote, or not to vote
for a particular candidate.
So let us know the good and the bad
that others may know, so we can make a more informed decision and of course go to the forums.

Curious Mind said...

Were those UPS illegal drug deliveries going to any of the candidates?