Saturday, September 13, 2008


I heard over the weekend that the Marcihal property at River Road and New Bridge Road was finally approved. Ground to be broken soon!
17 townhomes in an area of Teaneck sorely lacking higher end multi family housing (or any for that matter). While the neighboring Kramers may not like that, where else will people in that area go if they no longer want to take care of their homes?

Good for Teaneck!!! We need more !!


esther said...

So, Teaneck Truth, are you going to participate in an in-person get together with other Teaneck blog folks?

Anonymous said...

Gee haw are they going to cope with the fact that every time it rains that entire area gets flooded. Just ask Mr Sanzari I am sure he has some ideas. This project is doomed to failure. Terrible road, terrible location. Environmentally a problem as run off will go directly into the creek and river. Riverkeeper is all over this one and rightfully so.

Anonymous said...

Can't they elevate the project?

Teaneckresident said...

This project is long overdue. I might be interested in a unit myself!

Teaneck Truth said...

The flood questions are quite legitimate, so i reached out and made some calls this afternoon. Here are some comments:
The westernmost portion of the property (formerly owned by the Township) is the most flood prone and the most eco sensitive and will be left alone.
The interior portions will be mechanically treated for flooding, including sand pits, large sewer and drain lines, rock gatherings, as well as retaining walls.
In a nutshell, this area will be architecturally designed and engineered to better withstand the water, leaving the area in a better position then it currently remains- untreated.
The easternmost portion (along River Road) will be a service road with additional storm drains.

Regarding large 3 bedrooms and location, it is not meant for raising kids so the location is out- add a guest room, home office and the 3 bedrooms is perfect for empty nesters.
Will it do well? hmm- can we do any worse then a rusted tractor repair with prostitution and drug arrests that currently exist?

Anonymous said...

How interesting that you can "reach out" and get the information you need on a Sunday afternoon, when all town offices are closed.

I've always wondered who Teaneck Truth really is. Adam Gussen? Stan Steinreich? Yitz Stern?

Alan Sohn said...

As a neighbor of the Marichal property on New Bridge Road, the proposed townhouses are a major step forward over the eyesore of the existing tractor shop on the site.

While I will quibble that the project is a bit overlarge and that it is situated at one of the worst intersections in Teaneck, both from a perspective of traffic and accidents, and from a flooding perspective, the plans do make an effort to address the drainage issue and shield the neighbors from the buildings which I can only hope will be successful.

What is disturbing is to see how long it took for the applicant to get approval for the project once the developers had ditched the utterly inappropriate strip mall proposal. Despite the fact that the neighbors were broadly supportive of changes being made on the site, the wheels of progress turned extremely slowly in moving this project forward. All the worse for for one that would allow the Township to sell land that is otherwise worthless and put the land and improvements on the tax rolls. If the prices the developer seems to be looking for can be obtained -- these should be desirable units even with the atrocious location -- Teaneck can put several million dollars of ratables onto the tax rolls. There seems to be no reason that this development should not be finished already.

Alan Sohn

What Lola Wants said...

Wrong place, wrong plan. Too busy an intersection for "luxury" town homes. Wrong kind of economy, "luxury" people are not going to purchase there unless they are stupid.

In this economy and location they should be putting up mid-level townhomes. They will still be on the tax rolls, they will be smaller and more fairly priced for such a location. If they are smaller you could probably put more homes there. That is how LeFrak, Trump (the father) etc made their money in the middle of the 20th century. Mid level housing at mid level prices. Good for Teaneck tax rolls, neighborhood etc. Might be a good idea for the Plaza area as well.

parkieman said...

My biggest concern is that the homeowners in the area will end up with all the excess water. No doubt a project is needed in that location. I too, favor getting this property earning. However, ask the residents of New Milford who live west of the Sanzari property if their flooding issues improved since the restaurant was built.It got worse. What recourse will neighbors have if in fact the engineering does create a new flood pattern that brings water into their living rooms?