Monday, June 23, 2008

United at Last

Unity Day for All

After months of press releases, articles and talk, Teaneck celebrated it's first Unity Day.

At first it appeared that it was going to be washed out because of the rain, though even with the that threat over one thousand people came down.

When the sun came out so did the mass of people.

The "Truth" is, it was probably one of the most successful events Teaneck has seen in many years. My nephew enjoyed the rides. I loved the bazaar and food. I was sad to see they cancelled the dunk tank because of the rain. I was prepared to blow a paycheck dunking Katz and Gussen (Monica next year!!). But this event was great and I thank the event organizers. I hope that Teaneck will continue this Unity even after the event.

And one addition- I got to see all my Blog friends happy together. Anonymous was walking hand in hand with karin and.....


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I had to miss Unity Day because I had to work. I'm so glad to hear about what a success it was. I feel even better knowing the dunk tank was closed. Even though in my heart I would have loved to blow a lot of money dunking Rudolph. I feel that the activity is undignified for ANY members of the town council. These are offices that deserve a certain kind of respec and I seriously doubt they will get any after they spend an afternoon getting dunked.

Dave said...

Funny how "Unity Day" was all about divisiveness. Instead of finding things that unified us, we got each individual group showing their own culture, food, etc. That's not unity!
Unity would be one big happy place where everybody can enjoy everything. But a Christian revival, ethnic food, Islamic culture? These do not unify us, they divide us. My advice? Everybody stick to your own ethnic enclave. It's better that way. I don't want my grandkids socializing with the gang members, anyways.

Denise said...

My thanks to the grassroots group that organized Unity Day! We had a good time there. My kids didn't want to go home. They loved the blow up castles and craw. When I finally got them to leave the rec. center, they had to go to the giant dinosaur play area set up by the bandshell. Having all that, plus the music and forums for free made it easier for us to afford all the different foods available for sale.