Monday, August 27, 2007

More then just a building!

While I was gathering accomplishments of the current administration, Teaneck Progress beat me to it.

The only thing I can add to her list is a simple time frame. That is that her list was pretty impressive, especially since they have only been in office for less then 14 months! Most impressive is that this has been accomplished with the "dirty dozen" detractors killing a solid hour every meeting to rip the council on everything under the sun but progress.

I am excited for the future of Teaneck. I am confident that this Council will have a lot more allies now that the new tax bills have been mailed. One example is the recent vote on the Glenpointe building.

On to that subject. I received a few forwarded emails this weekend from the usual detractors about this property. I am quite the proponent of this project as can be expected, but not just because it is an $800,000 ratable. I believe the benefits are far greater and include:

A further contribution to the Township's coffers based on the new sewer ordinance for large users

As this building will bring thousands of new workers to the complex, it will not only increase the occupancy and revenue of the hotel (making for a higher assessment) but will also contribute further to the townships coffers via the hotel occupancy tax.

As this building will further make the complex an office park destination, it will further increase the occupancy and assessment of the other office buildings.

As all of the above take place, the surrounding new residential developments, many with high vacancies, will fill up and have increased value and assessment.

None of the above will further burden our existing Township services (so lets end that discussion before it starts) for the following reason:

Parking- there is plenty of it. Here is something you may not know- the top floor of the current parking garage has been leased to a car dealership for storage as the spaces are not needed.

School- obviously the office complex does not use the school, and the nearby developments are smaller units not child friendly. As a matter of fact, a larger business presence will increase the business/ school mentor programs, civic donations etc.

Police- the police presence/ response etc for the complex is minimal (even with the hotel) and as such will not require additional hires. Any increased calls can be covered with existing sector patrols.

Ambulance- does not cost the township

Fire- Not only will fire calls be minimal, but any new inspections, etc are covered by the associated fees for same. No new hires will be needed, and any calls will simply be a cost of fuel. Considering the response is from Station # 3 at Degraw and Teaneck Road, once again this does not drain the township.

As far as the three homes that border the site, unless they owned the property before the Redevelopment Agency began its work decades ago, there is no apologies needed. You cannot make an argument that they bought their home not realizing this would go up, unless they did not do their research. If you argue that they bought their house because they thought there would be only 6 story building and now there is a 13 story building, well, join the dirty dozen because that is outright sad. If you argue that this will ruin their view, consider they are at the intersection of two of the nations busiest interstates. Not nearby- directly AT!

See you at the ground breaking!


esther said...

If the town is to permit Sanzari to develop the hell out of Glenpointe, (which I approve of) why not charge him an acquisition fee for the increased air rights that come from changes to the zoning envelope?

Anonymous said...

I would like to receive updates to this blog. I click on the subscribe link and it downloads a file called "default".

What do I do with it?

Anonymous said...

The list of accomplishments was distributed by the Mayor. It included such accomplishments as "Identified close to $1,000,000 in potential savings in our municipal budget." Perhaps next year they'll start with a proposal for a 20% increase so they can identify $5,000,000. The creation of the useless FAB whose members were reappointed even though they don't attend meetings was another listed accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Teaneck Truth-

To whom on the Council are you related?

Teaneck Truth said...

Related to nobody. But paying over $20,000 in taxes every year. Go to meetings, read every publication on teaneck and get sick to my stomach on what has been going on for years. Now, as soon as progress creeps out of the closet, certain people, shall we call them the dirty dozen, try to divert progress. Shall I continue?

Anonymous said...

I guess "truth" is used very loosely by this blogger.

Anonymous said...

Teanck Truth said "Related to nobody. But paying over $20,000 in taxes every year. "

I really dont know why you are complaining. You get great schools, and township services for that $20k in taxe. Dont you agree?

Anonymous said...

Teaneck Truth-

Perhaps you should live in a smaller house -- then you wouldn't have to pay so much in taxes.

Anonymous said...

Why should the size of your house have anything to do with the amount of taxes you pay? Shouldn't it be the amount of land you have....if anything?

Anonymous said...

Great Schools my ass!!!

Teaneck Truth said...

Please point out what part of this post isn't true. If you state the word truth is used loosely, please state why so we can have discussion, rather then baseless statements.

Anonymous said...

As someone that's up there with you ($16k) I agree that it's about time someone did something to show the roadblocks that the "dirty dozen" try to throw in the path of the council.

Can someone please tell me why the value of a house should figure into your assessed value?

Anonymous said...

Until such time as you succesfully lobby the state legislature to change the NJ property tax structure, get over it!

Anonymous said...

How about the 10% premium that was put on my house compared to other houses in the neighborhood (with the same sq footage/ bedrooms/ bathrooms) because it is brick?

If you were going to buy a house, would you pay 10% more because its brick?

Anonymous said...

So why did you buy a house made out of brick?

Anonymous said...

"If you were going to buy a house, would you pay 10% more because its brick?"

Simply, yes.

Anonymous said...

people who live in brick houses should be transparent.

Cedar Lane Chick said...

Teaneck Truth -

$20,000 in property taxes a year!!! Wow! Do you live in a McMansion? I thought my $11,500 was high!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Do you live in a McMansion? I thought my $11,500 was high!

I don't live in a McMansion and I'm at $16k. I live in a decent sized house with an our of whack assessment.

Anonymous said...

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