Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Rag

The Suburbanite its getting worse and worse.

As previously indicated, I am a strong supporter of moving on- lets make Teaneck better, not talk about what occurred in the past.

So we had our "Pastramigate" conspiracy (as was emailed to me by a poster- keep them coming at teanecktruth@gmail .com )which i will not discuss here.

Just when I hoped it had died down, "The Rag" thinks its funny and publishes it again the next week!!!

And now, according to other bloggers, The Rag continues to talk about it!!

What can we do to get this garbage off our lawns??

And I leave you all with my one conspiracy theory- Why is the Suburbanite filled with so much alleged hate of the Orthodox? Is it because I have NEVER seem a kosher advertiser?? Is this all a game about money?


Anonymous said...

Teaneck Truth?

Anonymous said...

With all the talk about Grassroots efforts, its time to start another.

Here are some thoughts:

1- Call the Suburbanite and ask them to stop delivering the paper to your home. As the circulation numbers drop so will the advertisers. You can call the circulation department at 201-791-8400 or 201-664-3073.

2- Collect the papers and return them to the Suburbanite. You can drop them off at 150 River Street in Hackensack. Leave them in a pile at the front door when it raining. These things decompose into a pile of slop after 3 drops of rain.

3- Write letters to their parent company.
Send letters addressed to Malcolm Borg and Stephen A. Borg at:
Community Papers of North Jersey Media
35 Woodland Ave
Westwood, NJ 07675-3113

swurgle said...

Quite independently of your critique, I posted a defense of the Suburbanite over at teaneck progress. Different strokes for different folks I guess....

Anonymous said...
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TeaneckResident said...

Swurgle, your defense of the Suburbanite is not surprising. However, would you be defending them if they had "mistakenly" (apparently euphamism for "don't care that we are bigots and discriminatory") published something offensive to any other people? At what point would you feel they had crossed the line? Possibly only when they talk about psuedo-intellectual intermarried women?

Anonymous said...
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swurgle said...

Intermarried? I'll have you know that there's nothing kinky about my marriage!

Anonymous said...

What the heck is an inter-married woman? Is this some new group in town?

Anonymous said...

Laura Zucker throws out lots of accusations in her letter to editor. She evens goes as far as blaming Joe Ferriero for Corzine's car crash! Does the Suburbanite get so few letters that it needs to print this kind of garbage!

One also has to wonder which strings Loretta has been pulling to keep the fighting going on. Given his relationship with Joe Ferriero, I am sure that Rudolph has long been crossed off her Hanukah gift list! Maybe she was too busy trying to bring down Joe to try and get Teaneck the aid it some much needs! It was pretty easy to deflect the blame on the council!