Monday, August 13, 2007

The witch hunt continues! How dare you think of progress at such times!

This is starting to get unbearable! As I have said here and on other blogs, continuing to talk about this just gives these people want they want- attention. Like dealing with a toddler.

Below is an email that was forwarded to me and is floating around town.

Once again I ask of these people- please use the creative juices that you apparently have to come up with some ideas (lets work off the recent sewer ordinances, budget trimmings etc) and lets get progress moving.

I stopped in at the Planning Board hearing regarding 1515 Teaneck Road- what a disaster. It was a free for all with people almost a half a mile down Shepard complaining about flooding in their basements! As I looked around the room, I felt sorry for the crowd- sorry because once day this week they will get a small simple notice in the mail- the tax man has cometh. And their tax bill of $5200 will jump to $9400- and what will their Block Association President (with her TCCP backers) say then? How will they somehow craft this scenario into an attack on the current Council?

Here it is:

Dear Friends and Community Leaders,
As you know, at a meeting with the prosecutor's office testimony was given regarding illegal election activity. Names were named and still no action was taken to interview those in question Further, it appears, mailings were sent to members of our community by bogus organizations asking the community to vote no on the school budget.

We are meeting Monday night at the home of Sandie Ekhause and Joe Harris, 267 Griggs Ave. (201) 801-0632 at 7:00p.m. to discuss ways of keeping pressure on the Bergen County prosecutor's office. We need to involve the entire community. The illegal interference in Teaneck's non-partisan electoral and voting process cannot be tolerated.

The agenda will be focused on developing a strategic plan long and short term. Please try to attend. Your input and perspective as community leaders is invaluable to the cause.

With appreciation,
Sandie Ekhause
Hi Neighbor's, This is related to our previous local election. Illegal literature was sent to resident's in the orthodox community only. The intention was to scare those residents with inflammatory anti orthodox rhetoric. This placed fear among that community. They(our majority male council members) allegedly violated state laws.The law is that all candidates must put a return address and the sponsors name on campaign literature. There is also allegedly some affiliation with the head of the democratic party and campaign contributions for pay to play. Pay to Pay and contracts given to special interest groups is at the forefront of this issue. The favors are given to developers in return for campaign contributions. This is why the resident's must protect the Town against all of this type of corruption. This is also related to the Birdsall group that our council hired to do an economic analysis of this town. They made $87.000 of our tax dollars. Their independence is in question. The question has arisen, can the public trust what they have recommended to be put in our Master Plan(for our future). Please read the opinion page of the suburbanite . This story was in last weeks suburbanite and this weeks as well(look under Zucker). They may run this story possibly soon in the Record. WE WILL BE VIGILANT. WE WILL NOT LET TEANECK TURN INTO FT LEE, EDGE WATER OR ENGLEWOOD. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. "THERE IS NO PROGRESS WITHOUT STRUGGLE" (FREDERICK DOUGLASS).


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is quickly shifting from a grassroots effort and turning into a pogrom.

esther said...

"continuing to talk about this just gives these people want they want- attention"

Are you some kind of a double agent?

Teaneck Truth said...


not sure what you are referring to.

i just care about one think- reducing the tax burden. you have made some great points in your blog about building up the business district etc (which i think 1515 does)

Short of that, most of the talk is about unsigned postcards. enough! i want progress! i want ideas! i want implementation! and i want it now!

Anonymous said...

If you don't believe a pogrom is on its way to Teaneck you are out of your mind. The difference between now and the 30's is instead of German's its going to come from non religious Jews and ultra liberal democrat tree huggers!!

When is the orthodox community going to wake up and start playing offense? Do you want idiots like Monica, Ron Schwartz, & Marty Cramer running this town? Speak up and get involved- the orthodox jews pay the highest amount of taxes in this town- if they were to leave what would Teaneck do? Your voice means something- let it be heard

Anonymous said...

It's orthodox bigots like the one above who are responsible for most of tension within the Jewish community.

Anonymous said...

At some level you have to feel sorry for Monica, Ron Schwartz, Marty Cramer, and crew. It seems that they are simply taking orders from Loretta.

Anonymous said...

I disagree about who is responsible- I think its "people" like Monica, Ron, Marty, Naomi, Joe Harris, Loretta, and the TDMO who can't face the fact that they lost the election

They are pissed because people who would normally not vote yet pay exorbitant taxes showed up to vote.

Let it go sore losers!! Maybe Loretta will give you a lap dance at your next gathering of "Teaneck Socialists" to ease the pain!!

hillbilly ragger said...

When is the orthodox community going to wake up and start playing offense?

"Playing offense?"

What are you, Rudy frickin' Ghouliani?

Cedar Lane Chick said...

Obviously the sore losers will never let it go and the only way to move on is to ignore them, and make sure that the community votes for everyone but them. Period.

Get involved said...

There is no need to launch an offensive as Anon 9:17 would have you believe. All that is required is more participation for members across the entire township.

It is important that more people get out and attend council meetings. The same people get up at every meeting and repeat the same things. If you come to the meetings you will see first hand who the players are.

If anything, it will certainly help you to make the right decision when voting in the next election.

Anonymous said...

Damn sore losers. Rudolph was right to send the mailings. As he said, he did nothing illegal. and he was rite to brand them anti-Semites. If they weren't they would stop whining. Even better they could leave. Teaneck doesn't need old people who wont bend to the new order.

After the next election they'll have no place to whine as we'll be up to six men all progressive and orthodox.

Maybe seven if we can get Parker to resign in shame as she should for not knowing her place!

Anonymous said...
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