Sunday, October 14, 2007

Commuter Parking & FDU

I am back! After a few weeks of soccer and football, Teaneck politics is about to warm up with a return of an oldie but goodie- PARKING. This time, its the combination of parking meters in the business district, with many residents chiming in about commuter parking or lack thereof.

First- in regard to parking meters- the best line i heard from a township resident was if meters are on Cedar Lane they are just going to drive to the malls in Paramus. Hmmm, rather then park in the lots off of Cedar Lane which would not be metered (except Beverely Road & River Road outside of the district) or spend a quarter on Cedar Lane, these bitter citizens would rather drive in traffic miles wasting time and gas. My feeling- if you can't appreciate the turnover in parking that it would allow, or can't walk the 300 feet from the lots, you probably aren't needed on Cedar Lane and sure as heck not spending a whole lot of money.

Second- in regards to commuter parking. While i definitely understand the concerns of the residents who live on the blocks nearest the bus stops, there is undoubtedly some relief needed to those that need to get to the buses. How about the FDU lot? Anybody who drives through, to or from Teaneck knows there is a surplus of spots, and wouldn't this go great with the Councils non-profit give back initiative? Most major buses stop there, with the exception of the popular 167. My answer to that is the parking garage proposed for the Plaza district. Speaking of that, what ever happened there?

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Teaneck Trufe- yo gramma be still sucking!!