Monday, October 29, 2007

In case you missed them at the post office, find him on Cedar Lane!

This can't be true. The cult that I try to avoid at the Post Office now has a supporter in the Assembely! Protests are being organized at Gordon Johnson's Cedar Lane office. Is it time he starts drawing on his two pensions?

The following is the link to todays article in the Bergen Record:


Karin said...

From reading the article we go from "oft-alleged anti-Semite" in describing LaRouche to an anti-semite, what is it?

Also it would seem there is a "double standard" in politics, if you support Israel and Jews and make a mistake (so to speak) your ok and no one demands a resignation but if you are seen remotely to support Palestine than all "hell" breaks loose?! Go Figure?
I say leave the constituency idiot alone, if his large Jewish
constituency is not demanding his resignation all must be ok!

Howie G said...

I read the Bergen Record link. Such MeCarthyism is beyond belief. LaRouche is a politician fighting to save the auto industry. He exposed the fraud of the mortgage and housing bubble. The gangsters want to attack him on spurious issues. Gordon Johnson has been threatened with lynching, like many other prominent blacks, for promoting what he thinks, or thought was right. Even leading Israeli and American Jews have been called anti-semites, for not supporting pro war positions.

Henry Frisch said...

Anyone who denies that six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust is an anti-Semite. LaRouche fits that description. I offer the following from Wikipedia.

In 1978, LaRouche wrote (in "New Pamphlet to Document Cult Origins of Zionism", New Solidarity, December 8, 1978) that only 1.5 million Jews died during World War II:
....the mythical 'six million Jewish victims' of the Nazi "holocaust."
This is worse than sophistry. It is a lie. True, about a million and a half Jews did die as a result of the Nazi policy of labor-intensive "appropriate technology" for the employment of "inferior races", a small fraction of the tens of million of others — especially Slavs — who were murdered in the same way Jewish refugee Felix Rohatyn proposes today. Even on a relative scale, what the Nazis did to Jewish victims was mild compared with the virtual extermination of Gypsies and the butchery of Communists.

Anonymous said...

How can Johnson state he is opposed to duel offic eholding yet holds two elected offices and gas no desire or intent to resign from either one?

This guy has got to go

Anonymous said...