Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Now its really time for the Suburbanite to go...

I rush home from work and run for this weeks Suburbanite, the highlight of my week. Almost like reading the Star magazine at the supermarket checkout.

In it we find the regular ranting of Ron Schwartz, this time in some silly sarcastic letter about donations from non-profits, as well as the regular weekly bash on either Gussen or Rudulph. Ever Since Rudolph got a quarter million for a handicapped playground they've laid off him.

So Prosnitz (did he work for the Sun or Star?) decides its Gussen's turn. He rips into him for his diversity comment which appeared in the Record (another winner of a paper) last week. He then want on to quote two township citizens using them as models to help his bash. Gussen can cure cancer and those two would still have a reason to be upset at him.

Prosnitz then said that Gussen claims the Record "terribly misquoted" him. Prosnitz goes a step further and then claims that Gussen makes the same statements about the Suburbanite. Prosnitz even points out an editorial that the Suburbanite wrote (10/11)about misquotes (you may have missed the editorial- its the first relevant one in years- most are about apple pie or the best way to hang a shingle on your shed).

So what's new??

I do not speak Hebrew other then a few token words, so I thought it was time to go to sleep. I get an email sent to me ( advising me to re-read the entire letter to the editor about Monica Honis and her nasty parking habits. It appears that Ms. Honis consistently blocks her sidewalk with the car, forcing people to walk (aka jaywalk) on the street. I do not doubt the letter writer's facts whatsoever, because it was very well documented, down to the type of cars in the driveway.

HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The letter was signed by " Ani Iparon". Who is that you might ask? Ani is Hebrew for " I am" and Iparon is Hebrew for "pencil".

Basically, this paper, which appears in our driveway every week, publishes a letter to the editor bashing a councilwoman (regardless if she was right or wrong that's not the point) and doesn't even bother to verify the existence of the write. Worst off it publishes it using as prank name!

Yet it defends its accuracy on all other issues............... Can we get this crap off our lawns now???


henry frisch said...

Not only do they publish letters by fictitious people, but when they published a letter of mine several weeks ago the one point they insisted on editing out was a criticism of their paper for publishing letters by fictitious people.

norma desmond said...

They do edit, and sometimes in very inappropriate places.

As for verifying the story, what they do is call the number that the "author" provides and asks if s/he wrote that letter. What's to prevent Mr./Ms. Pencil from providing a phone number and affirming that Mr./Ms. Pencil wrote the letter? I doubt the Surbanite has the budget to do much beyond what they do. And what if the Surbanite did think it was a prank and dediced NOT to publish the letter and it turned out to be genuinely from somebody with the surname Pencil? Then everyone would be up in arms about the Surburbanite censoring people.

So what should they do?

Anonymous said...

The paper sent me an e-mail to confirm a letter and then published it even though I never responded.

What good is checking if they don't care about getting an answer?

esther said...

Does the press has an obligation to assume a fawning posture when reporting on local politicans?

Gussen and Rudolph are big boys and Hones is a big girl. If they can't handle a little criticism they're chosen the wrong business.

Anonymous said...

I do not doubt the letter writer's facts whatsoever, because it was very well documented, down to the type of cars in the driveway.

You don't doubt a criticism of Ms. Honis while any criticism of Rudolph or Gussen is doubted. You even make up facts like "Rudolph got a quarter million for a handicapped playground." The number was under $200K and the town of Teaneck got it.

You're so partisan that truth means absolutely nothing to you. Perhpas you should rename the blog to Teaneck Lies.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

From today's Record:

TEANECK -- Michael Muscillo resigned as deputy township manager Tuesday, one week after starting his job.

Township Manager Helene Fall said the Long Branch native had chosen to accept a position closer to his hometown; she would not give any further detail. Muscillo was to be paid $80,000 a year. Fall said the town would re-advertise for the position and begin its search anew.

-- Joseph Ax