Saturday, May 3, 2008

"And the Truth shall set you Free"

Calling All Hypocrites and Kvetchers

The Team Teaneck aka Katz Team has come under fire this week for an ad that was put out by Robinson. This was their "dirty" piece. To me, it was their "truth" piece. Honis has a horrible public record on taxes. Katz wrote in the County Seat and Suburbanite that she:
1) voted for a police hiring package that would cost taxpayers over 60,000,000.
2) voted against the financial advisory board
3) voted against the new Glenpointe office building that would bring in over 800,000 in new taxes.
4) Voted against the budget that will deliver a zero municipal tax increase

What has she done for the taxes?

So what's the problem with Robinson pointing out the "truth". Maybe because its combating all of Monica's lies. After all, it is Teaneck United that has attacked the revaluation at these forums, so I can't blame Robinson for pointing out another one of Mayor Monica's smoke and mirror shows.

And who has been slinging mud? Could it be negative campaigning when Teaneck United holds a public forum at St. Marks Church filled with lies and innuendos with the only purpose to defeat Team Teaneck. Or maybe its negative when Teaneck United goes on a writing blitz and attacks Team Teaneck in the Suburbanite and the Record.

Or is it negative when Honis attacked Katz at the Bryant school and in the Record.

No this is not negative campaigning.

So let's move on.

How about Teaneck United's Tooth Fairy Ad about the Council.

Has anyone seen the police report against a certain Teaneck United organizer that allegedly verbally assaulted and harassed a Team Teaneck supporter from the north east.( Ax of the Record and Prosnitz have the Suburbanite have them)

Or maybe you have spoken to the merchants on Teaneck Road that were allegedly badgered by a Teaneck United supporter and North East Teaneck Road Block Association President.

Or the countless emails from Bill Morning attacking Team Teaneck. How about the Abbot family assault machine? Does that count?

Have we been sleeping or is denial no longer a river in Teaneck.

I am glad to see Robinson finally striking back. I was beginning to think that Team Teaneck had no back bone.


Anonymous said...

Still wondering which member of Team Teaneck writes this blog ...

Teaneck Observer said...

The "badgering" that has been reported to me by the victims actually crosses the line to "terroristic threats" with the victims being told to support the TU candidates or get "busted".

Several of the people were told that voting for anyone other than TU candidates would be treason of some sort.

And, of course, let us not forget that the first negative attack came from BLT herself when she tried to embarrass Elnatan Rudolph at the March 18 council meeting with Loretta Weinberg sitting there.

Teaneck Observer said...

Anon 11:23 -

Veritas vos liberabit! Don't worry about who writes it (I have no idea, by the way) just learn from it.

After all, vincit omnia veritas.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, Elie Katz has been on the Town Council the past four years, right along with Monica. But it seems that she is single-handedly responsible for any tax increase that we've had. Who knew that she had so much power? Where was Elie when this was happening? Or, for that matter, Rudolph?

As for Robinson, touting his past presidency of the NAACP seems pretty stupid, considering the fact that he was dismissed by the NAACP national board of directors. The authors of this piece clearly have no respect for the residents of Northeast Teaneck, who are certainly aware of Robinson's dismissal.

Oh - and we're supposed to believe that Robinson himself is pointing this out?

Elie - love those fortune cookies - a nice subtle pitch for Chopstix in the Team Teaneck mailer. Too bad it didn't include a coupon ...

Anon at 11:23pm

Anonymous said...

The fact is Abbot and the Teaneck United are very angry people that will despise any positive action or people.

Anonymous said...

The Teaneck Liar and his usual cohort of liars say its true so it must be true.

How much does Team Teaneck pay for this support? They do seem to have endless money for this campaign.

Anonymous said...

Team Teaneck has lots of volunteers working for the same amount as the Teaneck municipal tax increase...ZERO ZERO ZERO.

Can you get that through your paranoid mind?

By the way, who pays for all the Teaneck United signs? Don't they have a patron?

Anonymous said...

The money for the Team Teaneck signs comes from Hackensack. The money for everyone else comes from Teaneck.

Maybe the Teaneck observer comes from Hackensack.

Teaneck Observer said...
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Anonymous said...

Have you fully disclosed your connection to a particular case of a synagogue on Queen Anne Road or are you just an observer there too?

Teaneck Observer said...
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Teaneck Observer said...

Anon 1:49 PM

No one has asked until now so I am not sure what you mean by "fully disclose". However, for the sake of truth and transparency etc.

I am not a member of any of the synagogues on Queen Anne Road. I have no connection with any congregation (or prayer group or whatever) on the southern side of Cedar Lane other than being friends with the two rabbis who live there. I have reviewed some documentation, all of it public record, as well as the relevant statutes and ordinances to better understand the situation.

But enough about me. What about you? Who are you? Why the concern about me?

another observer said...

I am very dissappointed with the mailing received in some households this past week. Although, I wouldn't exactly call it a negative ad, I certainly don't consider it to be a positive ad.
What's next on the Team Teaneck agenda? Will one of their campaign organizers start threatening merchants or will they hold meetings at St. Mark's to malign the other candidates?

Anonymous said...
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Teaneck Observer said...

Anon 2:14

I am not sure I follow your remark. Could you please explain?

You write: "What's next on the Team Teaneck agenda? Will one of their campaign organizers start threatening merchants or will they hold meetings at St. Mark's to malign the other candidates?"

The only one involved in voter intimidation was a person who associates themselves with Teaneck United. The same is true with meetings at St. Mark's.

Teaneck Observer said...
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Anonymous said...

The Teaneck Liar seems to have adopted the habit of deleting posts that don't agree with him and his cohorts.

Teaneck Observer said...

Anon 10:37 AM

Not to fear.I am not from Hackensack, I am a Teaneck resident. In fact, I have never even met the County Chairman nor have I ever received a penny from the DNC or the state or county party. I am a simple observer.

Anonymous said...

Ok, since everyone likes the Truth here. Mayor Honis has a 1000 contribution from a developer. Most of her money was collected from outside of Teaneck over the last 4 years.But King Hypocrite Abbot already knew let's divert the attention.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Rudolph, in his battle to preserve Teaneck's Non-Partisan System of Government, accepted $5,000 from the council campaign of a partisan politician in another county. This is just one of many contributions from blatantly partisan political contributors, and comes on top of the tens of thousands he was wheeled last year from Boss Joe and the Hackensack party machine.

After last election Rudolph pushed Birdsall for a big bucks contract. Which campaign contributor will he be helping out this year?

Anonymous said...

I guess you can look at it both ways.

What has Katz has done to Teaneck in the past few years?
1) voted to approve a revaluation that cost taxpayers 1,000,000 and saved hundreds of thousands for business owners like himself.
2) voted to pay 4,000,000 for Cedar Lane sidewalks that cost shoppers parking spots and doesn't help businesses.
3) pushed for parking meters on Cedar Lane that would cost 500,000 for residents and keep shoppers away, but not on West Englewood where he owns property
4) created a phony "zero" budget that pushes 3,000,000 off to next year after the election is over.
5) voted for a police hiring package that would cost taxpayers over 20,000,000.
6) On his watch, your taxes have gone up over 10,000,000!

Can we afford another two years of the Katz Team?

Worried About Teaneck Dividers said...

Everyday I open my paper to confirm my own experience. I see horrible headlines shouting about the economy in the nation and in New Jersey.

It is scary to read how people are losing their jobs and homes and how expenses for food and fuel and just about everything else are greater and greater. Real salaries, we read (as if we didn't know it!), have not gone up since the beginning of the new century.

Then I saw the TV news covering foreclosures in Bergen County and claiming that Teaneck is the worst in the county.

At a time of recession we need a Council with a proven track record of success. The Council we have now has done many positive things in a negative time. Despite the opposition of negative members like Monica Hones, the Katz Council appointed the financial advisory board, approved an office building at Glenpointe that will bring in $800,000 in new revenue, stabilized taxes, brought in over $4,000,000 in new revenue, brought in grants, shared services with neighboring towns, created government efficiencies, and cut waste. Most importantly this Council has brought in a Zero increase budget and has done it with the advice and consent of the professional auditors.

We need strong leaders (and not mere politicians) to continue to keep Teaneck strong in tough times. For positive change and real progress. We need Mayor Katz and Team Teaneck.

Join me in voting for Robinson, Hameeduddin and Rudolph.

Anonymous said...

The "Katz Council" did not approve an office building at the Glenpointe that will bring in $800,000 in new revenue. They passed a zoning ordinance which allows the Glenpointe to build a building taller and closer to the street than the previous ordinance permitted. Any building plans still have to be submitted to the buildings department and pass site plan approval, etc. If and when the building is built - and in this economy who knows when it will happen - we'll see how much they'll actually pay in taxes. And let's not forget that no matter what they pay, there are costs to the town associated with any property, and that cost needs to be deducted to get the net revenue to the town. At the moment, $800,000 is tax revenue is pie in the sky.

Anonymous said...

Monica Honis is asking the citizens of Teaneck to vote for her for a 2nd term in our upcoming election. She is asking the citizens of this town to put their faith in her, and trust her to both represent and make decisions for us, yet has not done anything in the last four years to earn our trust or to be deserving of a spot on the Council.

Ms. Honis will not divulge her place of residence (her address on the township website is that of the municipal building) or her telephone number (she has the main number for the municipal offices listed), perhaps this is because she lives at home and does not pay one cent in property taxes, her age (in her 30’s) or any of her accomplishments on the Council in the last 4 years (there are none!!).

Ms. Honis was not in favor of a commercial building with the potential to bring in $800,000 in new property taxes to the town coffers, she was not in favor of a zero percent increase in the township budget (yes, she favors more taxes and more spending) and was not in favor of the Financial Advisory Board whose purpose is to help guide Teaneck with the responsible spending of our tax dollars.

So, what has Ms Honis done for us?

Absolutely nothing!!

Anonymous said...

Last night Monica said sending her back to council without her running mates would be like sending her to a gas chamber.

Anonymous said...

How insensitive!!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, she doesn't deserve capital punishment, no matter how horrible her service in Council has been. So certainly don't send her to the gas chamber.

Anonymous said...

Even her cousin Audra pointed out at the Teaneck united rally last night that unlike Monica, she -- Audra-- pays property taxes.

How come they didn't give out signs?

Is the lack of signs indicative of a lack of support?

Were the 150 people who turned out (after the desperate plea that was broadcast to all their supporters) all the town-wide support they can muster?

Show me the money said...

Tom Abbott said: Do your own research before passing on someone else's lies! Look at the reports!

Ok Tom...let's look at the reports.

As I mentioned in my previous post, you can find them here.

Tell me where any of this information is untrue....for simplicity sake, I'll even give the page and line numbers from the report that I'm getting the information from (where applicable).


Pg. 1, Line 8: Total contributions for this report is $5,405.40

Let's break that down:

- Monetary Contributions of $300 or less: $3,765. (Line 1)
- Monetary Contributions in excess of $300 and all currency (Line 2)contributions: $1,630.00
- In Kind Contributions: $10.40 (line 3)
So, out of the money that needs to be reported ($1,630) - where did it come from???

We have $1,000 coming from Karim Hutson of NYC (page 3)

We have $110 coming from marianne Dispoto of Bogota (page 3)

We have $75 coming from Brenda McNeal of Englewood (page 3)

We have $100 coming from Elias Jumenez of NYC (page 4)

That totals $1,285 or 78.8% of the $1,630 reported in this filing.

Please let me know how you are going to spin this?

And to all the people that say that Monica doesn't even pay rent (let alone a mortgage) since she lives at her parents' house....I'd have you look at Page 5 of the R1 report where $500.38 went to E.A. Honis.

Anonymous said...

Last night Monica said sending her back to council without her running mates would be like sending her to a gas chamber

It is sad that a woman who grew up in Teaneck and has been surrounded by so many different cultures made such a horrible comment that should insult everyone, but especially surely does insult a large minority of this town that she claims loves.

I find it even more depressing since Ms. Honis just attended the local Holocaust Memorial Service this week!

While I am not going to comment on the politics of what is happening, I do hope that Ms. Honis realizes that she has made a mistake and will apologize to those who she has offended.

Anonymous said...

watch the video ---

May 06, 2008
By Steve Morris

There is a major contest for control of the Teaneck Council coming up this May 13th, and if last night was any indication it is going to be a bloody battle. Inside Bergen is just lucky we have it all on tape. No one would believe us otherwise. The last of the three videos below has the best action scenes.

Seriously, there is a contest of epic proportions in Teaneck this year with Mayor Elie Katz backing tax cutting incumbent Elnatan Rudolph and his running mates Mohammed Hameeduddin and Robert Robinson. They are touting the Council majority’s 0% tax increase budget this year, while the Rudolph, Hameeduddin and Robinson team compares that to opposing incumbent Monica Honis and her backing $10 million in property tax increases over four years. The angry mob at last nights public Honis rally (where I was ejected unlawfully), falsely claim that Honis never raised taxes $10 million, but we found it to be true in the records of the Teaneck municipal government.

They also called it racist that Council candidate Robinson (who happens to be African American) was the one who suggested he would be a better choice to represent the northeast because he owns a home there hit by a massive tax increase and Honis does not own a home at all.

It looks like propaganda rallies like this one where disinformation is spread are not covered under Loretta Weinberg’s new and improved open public meetings act. Apparently openness only goes so far in the eyes of Weinberg backers...

At the rally last night it was claimed that Weinberg is supporting some Teaneck United candidates and those who ejected me from their public forum, although Inside Bergen has not confirmed that to be true.

Based on their behavior last night, it makes one imagine how these folks would rule the town if they were the majority on the council and people wanted to disagree with them. Would they surround those in disagreement and chase them from the room? After all, that's what they did to a guy there to do some unbiased reporting on the meeting.

Attached is the New Jersey State Police rule governing gathering at a public forum. Teaneck United and The Northeast Block Association clearly ignored it.

Show me the money said...


The third video which shows a mob, led by Honis evicting a member of the press (with threats) should give everyone pause!

Anonymous said...

So many lies. No mob. No leader. No connection to Weinberg. And a totally irrelevant police rule thrown in. Where's that legal eagle, Teaneck Observer, to declare the reporter is right.

Swiggle said...

NJ State Police rules regardung press as public foums

Over the years, a misconception has developed that these credentials are needed for a variety of things for which they were never intended.

It is imperative that we correct this problem today.

1. You DO NOT need press credentials to cover municipal, county or state government.

They had no right to kick him out and you don't need to be a legal eagle to know it!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

To the person who made the statement about Mildred Tucker. If you have a problem with her keep it there do not attack everyone in the North East. And as far as the taxes are concerned not everyone in the North East are screaming about the reval and when you look at the police section of the Suburbanite the calls are taking place all over Teaneck. I would say your generalization is a bit uncalled for. Are you saying every African American child in Teaneck is a gang banger? Who do you think you are? Who is the race baiter now? After reading stuff like this and seeing what I saw at the council meeting tonight from both the public and Gussen and Katz Teaneck will never be the same. I am beginning to think that it is not possible for this community to co-exist because everyone has their own agenda to benefit their individual community not the community at large. Having lived here all my life all I can do is shake my head.

Anonymous said...

The document that this website offers states that "1. You DO NOT need press credentials to cover municipal, county or state government."

You don't need credentials to attend a council meeting or a session of the freeholders or the assembly or senate. This does NOT mean that you can go anywhere else including a meeting run by a private group. They can decide who to let in and who to ask to leave. I think it was a bad idea to kick this guy out but whoever organized this meeting had the right to do it.

Any "reporter" from a "newspaper" that doesn't understand what covering "municipal, county or state government" means isn't worth the paper it isn't printed on.

Zev Mo said...

Man, that was rough.

That was a very difficult meeting this evening. I am very sad to have to write this.

While the instructions were very clear, no clapping; no jeering; 3 minutes to talk; council members turn to talk... yeah, meant nothing.

Rules, what rules?

While it was amusing to watch members of the audience, who are running for office, slap their husbands into submission for their outbursts, I think that the general decorum was absolutely unbelievable. This is the very root of the problem. The lack of interest to listen to the comments and respect the positions of others regardless of agreeing with those positions.

In fact, what I witnessed was the worst kind of fear-mongering, obnoxious innuendo, and baseless conspiracy theories. People made comments about who was called up (if they were Jewish or not) based on the assumption that they were being given some kind of favoritism. Made comments about how the town is being fractured... who is making the divisive statements? This is really delusional. I was completely disgusted this evening.

The hatred that has been manifested is focussed on the illusion that they themselves have created. The preconceived notion of these elected officials is shaped from stereotypes and an implication of wrongdoing and social divisiveness.

I thought we were better than that.

A very sad day for Teaneck, indeed. And I hate being judgmental, but based on tonight's showboating and broadway bravado, I think that rational discussions are somehow out of the question. C'mon people, give me something! I want to understand your perspective and your feelings, but the lack of respect and disregard for rules and correct behavior, I am sorry... it did not help you. You can disagree without being disagreeable. And when meetings turn into the floor of the commodities exchange, someone has to realize the fault lies with them. Throwing tantrums like a 5 year old and walking out without listening to a point of view that you may disagree with, is a show of disrespect and a lack of interest in a discussion.

Politics is about finding consensus. Behavior like this wasn't about finding common ground, or having a disagreement respectfully. This was a political stunt. Theater that had no end result but a negative. i still have absolutely no idea what new ideas or policy positions Monica Honis, Audra Jackson and Dr. Barbara Toffler bring to the table. All I know is who they are against. All I know is what the seem to be so pissed off about.. and that isn't even valid as far as I can see! Terrible.

This is being posted on both TeaneckTruth and TeaneckProgress in the hopes to bring us back to the real campaign... what are you going to do to make Teaneck better? Why should I vote FOR you, not just against someone else because you think you 'have it all figured out'. Let's move forward.

Anonymous said...

If Team Teaneck is so dedicated to the prospect of showing what they will do FOR Teaneck, why were they the only ones spending thousands of $$$ on false and misleading campaign literature?

Let's move forward by pointing the finger at ALL the parties responsible for dirty campaigning. There's plenty of blame to go around for all involved.

Truth Teller said...

That was a public political meeting to which everyone was invited being held in a public building.

Even if mimeograph machines were the norm in the '60's, nowadays ordinary committed volunteers can produce blogs as well as "glossy" versions of messages. One of the problems is the arrested development of the old hippy crowd so hostile to real law and order.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. Are you seriously suggesting that the "glossy version" of the disinformation that's been making the rounds -- that is, the slickly deceptive mailing -- was just the work of "committted volunteers"?

Jeeze, you guys are crappy spinmeisters.

Truth Teller said...

And your brain is too full of the very substance of which you speak if you think "glossy" means anything production-wise in the TWENTY-FIRST Century.

Zev Mo said...

@truth teller

Yeah. Also, have you heard? They decided to not only put aside their smoke signal campaign to satisfy an EPA request, but PETA put the kabosh on the carrier pigeion plans. So they opted for glossy printing. For shame. Because if I was going to send something out to other people, I wouldn't want it to look nice. So, Team Teaneck, for your next printing, I'll bring you my old mimeograph machine and it will look as hood as my 3rd grade reading quizes from Whittier.

Oh, and by the way, how odd that Deacon Robinson send a mailing out which was targeted to the community that he lives (northeast Teaneck) where his support needs to be strengthened? Isn't that called being very smart? Where would you expect him to send it... To a place where he already has strong support? That is bad economics. That would be wasting money. If anything, that shows you he has a good head on his shoulders and going about this process intelligently. Strange how logic goes out the door when an ideology is at play.

anonymous at 7:09 a.m. said...

And when cronyism is in play, principles follow right behind.

You are quite the hypocrite, my desultory, unfocused friend.

Anonymous said...

Deacon Robinson send a mailing out which was targeted to the community that he lives (northeast Teaneck) where his support needs to be strengthened? Isn't that called being very smart? Where would you expect him to send it... To a place where he already has strong support?

So his support is weakest right where he lives in the northeast and that's where he needs it to be strengthened? As the only candidate from the northeast, that should be the last place he needs to campaign. It seems the people who know him best are the ones who reject him the most. It's a sad statement that he can only get support from his friends and neighbors by sleazy attack ads.

Where are Robinson's supporters?

Team Teaneck Captain said...

It looks like Goldman and Rose are doing very well keeping close to Team Teaneck in the TProgress poll while Teaneck Dividers are failing miserably there.

The message to Team Teaneck campaigners is not to let up in getting the vote out. Citizens cannot count on their neighbors voting in their place. Just because the word is out all over town about what Teaneck Divided is like, there is no guarantee of a Team Teaneck victory.

So, onward guys and gals supporting Team Teaneck. Work, work, work at getting that vote out Tuesday.

Team Teaneck Supporter said...

I thought Ned Goldman was our real third? We're not really supposed to vote for Robinson? He can't win.

Captain said...


If our vote is disciplined, he will win!!

Anonymous said...

But why SHOULD he win? Have you seen him at the forums?