Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Great Teaneck Theory

I am not sure who needs the medication or what type to prescribe. There are many that seem to be suffering from Bipolar Hypocritical Cynics Syndrome. They claim they want clean campaigning and then Teaneck Divided sends out nasty divisive letters, postcards and ads.

Other blogs kvetch in a post of "have yourself a cup of...." And then go on to post links to community hate meetings and recently attacks Mayor Katz for putting together a happy feel good Teaneck video (with his own money).

At today's Memorial Day street fair, Senator Weinberg's booth was giving out dirty, negative campaign literature about the upcoming June primary. To my surprise, it was the same graphics that was used in the May Council election. Is it TRUE that the Senator's office was behind a local, non partisan Teaneck election? Say it aint so!

Negative campaigning: Now that doesn't sound like the sweet Weinberg we all know and love.

Did I see our Deputy Mayor Parker's name on a Democratic County Committee election as a candidate?

So what is the moral of today's "truth" lesson? Hypocrisy is an active sport in Teaneck and our non partisan government is a great cover. It should really be called non participation government, oh, unless you are a Weinberg Democrat.


Tom Abbott said...

Calling Teaneck United, Teaneck Divided is what I've come to expect from the anonymous coward who runs this blog and believes name calling is an appropriate form of discourse.

It fits well with the constant stream of rumors and outright lies presented as truth. If there is any truth buried amid the lies, the constant stream of garbage makes it difficult to discern.

esther said...

I beg your pardon. I hardly attacked the mayor's video. I critiqued it.

I said that while it was self-serving with a "loud", "mawkish" and "stridently unhip" soundtrack,
it contained some solid information about life in Teaneck through interviews with a wide range of community leaders.

As an accordion player, I'm an authority on loud, mawkish and stridently unhip music.

Jervis said...

Jervis says Tom Abbott should get his nose out of Loretta's ass & Monica's Poontang and get hisself a life!!

Joseph said...

tom abbott is correct to object to calling Teaneck Unioted Teaneck Divided. It has become childish at this point and should be stopped. But it would be interesting if tom would comment on some of the substantive points made in the post; e.g., is Liz Parker a Democratic County Committee candidate, and if so, how does that fit into Teaneck's non-partisan system that was such an issue in the recent council election? Did Senator Weinberg's booth was give out dirty, negative campaign literature about the upcoming June primary that was similar to graphics used in the May election (note: one of her supporters had an extremely negative campaign letter in the current Suburbanite), and if so, how does that fit into Teaneck's non-partisan system?

And Esther is absolutely correct that her post was a thoughtful critique, rather than an attack, on the mayor's video (although I did not find the music as bad as Esther did; but that's probably because I'm more unhip than she is).

esther said...

Joseph - You could not possibly be as unhip as I am.

As for the this latest tussel among democrats - the powerful and ethically challenged Bergen Democratic machine is redoubling its efforts to establish control over Teaneck politics, one of the last beachheads of independence in the County. In order to achieve their goal, they have to demonize Loretta Weinberg and her supporters by portraying them as equally corrupt. It's just not true.

This blog serves as a mouthpiece for the Ferriero's effort. Is the blogger a county employee? A local politician? A recipient of largess from the Bergen Dems?

mskj said...

Esther et all,
With all due respect to name calling and other accusations of "he said/she said", I agree that you were merely commenting on the quality of the Katz video, which I completely agree with. I also have problems with the ethics and legality of doing this video in the first place, using elected officials as participants in an unsanctioned Towship PR piece. The script (in my opinion) was poorly written, disjointed and openly touting only the current Council achievements without mention of long-range efforts, there was very little on private and public schools in town, no mention of the Ambulance Corps, etc.

I also have to question whether the mayor had learned his lesson from this past election campaign. He was widely criticized for putting his name on Team Teaneck literature and signs, and the robo-call from "Mayor Katz" infuriated many people I know who were on the fence as to their votes. Whether it's the mayor, other council members or any elected official such as Board of Education members, once these people are elected, they have to be very careful in everything they say and do, as they are always in the position of representing the entire town. Any PR effort on behalf of Teaneck should be done by professionals (is someone paying royalties for the music used in this piece?), and I question the judgement of council members in cooperating with this amateur piece which is now all over the Internet.

Tom Abbott said...


Both Lizette Parker and Monica Honis are Democratic County Committee candidates running as Real Bergen Democrats. I see no relevance to Teaneck’s non-partisan election system. Teaneck’s elections are defined as non-partisan because candidates do not run as members of political parties. It does not mean that candidates cannot be active members of political parties. I do not share the view that attempts by the Bergen County Democratic Organization (BCDO) to influence the Teaneck elections endanger the non-partisan nature of Teaneck elections.

In my district, I will be voting for the Real Bergen Democrat candidates. It is not likely that I would support any candidate on Boss Joe Ferriero’s team. Fortunately, I am acquainted with the Real Bergen Democratic candidates and will gladly vote for them

I know nothing about any literature that came from Senator Weinberg’s booth. Given the source of the information, I can only assume that if it exists, I would disagree with Teaneck Truth’s characterization. As to the similarity in graphics, to some alleged graphic used in the May election, I can only cite the reliability of the source. The statement is so incredibly vague as to suggest an attempt at deception. It such a similarity exists, the pieces could have been posted as evidence. If they were, I’d bet we’d find this attempt to suggest a sinister comparison laughable. I have gone through all the literature I have from the May election and can’t even imagine any of the graphics being used in such a comparison.

The vagueness is true of much of the rumors and lies posted by Teaneck Truth, Take the statement that, “They claim they want clean campaigning and then Teaneck Divided sends out nasty divisive letters, postcards and ads.” Teaneck United did not send out any mailings, whether or postcards or letters. The single Suburbanite ad could not rationally be described as “nasty divisive.” Letters to the Suburbanite written by anyone affiliated with Teaneck United (or who Teaneck Truth in his delusional state imagines to be affiliated with Teaneck United) represented the individual’s own views.

What does Teaneck Truth define as clean campaigning? What specific example does he have to fit his definition? Negative campaigning is not necessarily dirty. Positive campaigning is not necessarily clean.

I disagree with your statement that “one of her supporters had an extremely negative campaign letter in the current Suburbanite.” I am assuming you mean Ms. Cramer’s letter. Take out the word extremely and I would disagree less. The letter actually has both positive and negative elements. Can you point to any factual errors in her letter?

To give you a head start. The “$5000 from a Fort Lee Law firm” was only $2000. She also left out the $7,800 from Keep New Jersey Moving, Inc. of Mahwah (not Hohokus as stated in Team Teaneck’s election filing.)

Joseph said...

Tom, thanks for your detailed and thoughtful response.

Jervis said...

Joe Ferriero is a dirt bag no doubt but Loretta Weinberg is the scum of the earth!!

The only answer is to bring the Republicans back to power in Bergen County!!!!!

teanecktrust said...

The non partisan myth ...........
What a Joke. We all know it is the Loretta Democrats vs The democrats
Look at the ballot lw people on one row and the democrats in row with our esteemed leader Sen Lautenberg, that is the Column to vote...TOP TO BOTTOM

That is whats best for Teaneck

teanecktrust said...

If monica honis is running for commitee women Please don,t make another mistake and vote for her.
It will be one less spot to fill when she is GONE.

The sooner she leaves the council the sooner we can heal and try to repair the damage done.

You are done it is time to GO.

later Monica

Tom Abbott said...

It is actually the Bergen County Democratic Organization (BCDO) slate vs. the Real Bergen Democrats (RBD) slate.

The Bergen County Democratic Organization slate is controlled by the County Boss Joe Ferriero. Teaneck's committee members have traditionally been independent. This is Ferriero's attempt to solidify his control of the BCDO by replacing the incumbent Teaneck committee members with those who will give him their support. Likely this was planned to follow his attempt to gain control of the Teaneck Council last month.

According to Paul Cunnigham, Vice Chairman or the Real Bergen Democrats,

"This time, he [Ferriero] has pushed all of the incumbent democratic committee candidates off the Bergen County [BCDO] Column. This has forced democrats in Bergen County to create a new organization, the Real Bergen Democrats (RBD).

The RBD was created to take our party back. There are many in this county who feel the Democratic Party under the leadership of Ferriero is headed in the wrong direction, putting big money contracts to political insiders above the interest of the taxpayer...
" (Letter to Suburbanite 5/28)

I believe Loretta Weinberg played a significant role in the formation of the RBD. In last year’s primary, Ferriero tried to keep Weinberg and her running mates off the Democratic line and replace them with his candidates. I assume she still plays a significant role. However, she does not control the RBD the way the BCDO is controlled by Ferriero. Claims that she does are just attempts to make her look as corrupt as Ferriero.

Anyone who wants Teaneck to remain independent should vote column 3 for County Committee Candidates. With any luck, Teaneck's committee members will join with other independent committee members to remove Ferriero from his position before he is forced to resign as a result of the new federal investigation.

Tom Abbott said...

Correction: Monica Honis is not a candidate for the County Committee. It is Almeta E. Honis.

A straight answer is requested said...

Correction: Monica Honis is not a candidate for the County Committee. It is Almeta E. Honis.


It's an easy mistake to make, she still lives at home with mom. Just so I have it straight, the one that's running is the one that actually PAYS taxes, right?